Saturday, August 12, 2017

Smart cart review

So we all go shopping or need to carry thing's to places or even to home.
Well i know how it can be to bring home groceries home since i don't drive, well i have a product that will change every thing.
It's called a smart cart, and what is a smart cart it's a cart that has two wheels and it folds up so it doesn't take up much space in the closet or where ever you store it.
What's neat it has a handle you can pull up and use it to pull the cart.
It has a cover that flaps over and or just covers to protect your items.

I recently went on a mini stay cation to see my sister she came down to NYC.
She lives in Virginia with her family, so i packed up my suitcase and i packed this smart cart with me and i got to say the cart helped me alot with carrying my belongings to the hotel.
I love how the bottom of the cart is padded so you can put heaver items on the bottom and balance out the weight in the cart. When i wheeled the cart with my item's it was a smooth move it was not hard to pull or heavy even though i filled it up until i couldn't add anymore items in.
You can find the Smart cart on Amazon's website and you can find the Smart cart on dbest website.
And this product was also featured on the hit TV show shark tank.

I was sent product for my honest opinion
 which is all my own.

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Monday, August 7, 2017

Edushape toy review

So where all looking for toys for our kids especially the young one's.
Well i have a product that any child would love especially in the bathtub, or anywhere it's a water toy mainly but you can have it anywhere it's called sensory hoops.
It is a basketball hoop and it comes with three balls that are nice and soft and easy to hold even when the child has soap on his or her hands.
The balls are protected so it would not get mold or mildew on it.
It does have easy instruction to build the hoop up,
As you can see in the video i show it put together and i throw the balls in the hoop to show how easy it goes in.
My child Love's the hoop and he Can't get enough of it.
It's a great toy i love the fact it is made of soft foam so my child or any child won't get hurt.
You can find it on Edushape sensory hoops website.

I like the fact it is made of colorful colors from the hoop to the balls.
It floats in the water so you can tell it is made very well and nice and it is light weight also.

I was sent product for my honest opinion
All is my own opinions and 100% my own.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Hasbro and My little pony Celebrate International Day of Friendship

So Hasbro and my little pony are celebrating International Day of Friendship day, June 30th 2017, what that means is no matter if your young or old or a child. We all have friendship, we all have friend's from different race religion and so forth.
Friendship is how we treat people, others around us.
We teach our kids how to respect others.
So Hasbro and my little pony partnered with digital media company called Soul Pancake to make a video on YouTube to show many kinds of friendship with different people. I love the idea because there is so much going on in this world to make people hate others.
So if we all got along we can have made some awesome friendship with other people.
We have to teach our kids to be kind to other's if they see the parent's being disrespectful to other's they do the same.

We have to remember kid's are our future so we need to make sure they understand.
So Hasbro and my little pony wants fans to come together and celebrate friendship day.

You can find more on the Hasbro website and also on 
My little pony Website.

This is partnered by Hasbro and my little pony all opinions are my own 100%.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Chewy Influencer july 2017

I received these goodies free of charge from in an exchange for my honest review.


So it's food time and you gotta decide what your cat is gonna eat it can be hard at time's well i have the perfect product,
It's from Blue Buffalo Wilderness Pate Variety Pack It's a 12 pack of 3oz cans of cat food comes in. Three flavors like Duck, Chicken, and Salmon Grain Free Cat food trays.
I like one because it's not harmful to my Cat and it's also portioned out so I can give my cat one tray of food there good.
There's no harmful Ingredients In the food.
And Blue Buffalo always stands by there products. Because pet's are apart of the family so we don't treat them any different.
Just like i make sure my Family is eating healthy, my cat should to.
As you can see that is what the case looks like I'm happy it comes in different flavors so my cat won't get bored eating one flavor all the time. Open the palate up a bit.

You can get It from Chewy website and have It delivered to your door.
My cat loves the food and i love I'm giving him a good food.
He Love's it and I'm glad he loves it and has 
A good diet.

I received these goodies free of charge from in an exchange for my honest review.
All is my own.

Chewy Influencer july 2017

I Received these goodies free of charge from in an exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.
#ChewyInfluencer #Sponsored

So we all have pets or some of us do i have an orange tabby cat.
His name is Teeco, he's very friendly and quiet at home.
He is an indoor cat.
So i like to find the best product's for him weather it's cat food or treats or anything that i think he will love.
Well i have a product that my cat Love's it's called Purina pro plan crunchy bites cat treats.

It is a cat treat that has natural ingredients in the treat like carrots and peas and tomatoes.
I know i don't like to give my cat treats that are loaded with harmful ingredients. And I'm happy that this product doesn't add harmful stuff in the treat. I love the cat treat because i can portion out a little to give to him. And not fill up his bowl with the treats. He's a very quiet cat he meows very quietly that you wonder what is the noise coming from.

As you can see that's what my cat looks like he's very friendly, Love's people.
He will play with the other cat's and have a good time.
You can find the product from chewy website 
They have couple different flavors the one i have is the tuna flavor.
Either flavors are good and i know all cat's will love the cat treats.

I Received these goodies free of charge from in an exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Lunch kit bundle review

So school is starting out for some kids and when you go into stores you can see the back to school supplies already on the shelves.
Well I have found perfect lunchtime products that will help kids that go to daycare or school have a healthier lunch and it looks cool too.
It's the stuck on you bento box and cooler bag. What makes these products so cool is you can personalize them with your child's name.  You pick the color that is the cooler bag and the bento box then you can add a design in the middle of it or choose a solid circle in a color of your choice.  
I picked out navy blue with a teal color circle and I added my child's name and I even got to choose the font.  .
It came out perfect.

As you can see it looks great. It's personalized and I don't have to use a black marker to put my son’s name on his lunch bag.
These products are extremely well made.  The cooler bag is   insulated and has a compartment for the ice brick to keep the lunch cold when needed.

The inside is easy to clean using a damp rag or sponge.

 I also love the divided sections in the Bento Box.  There are sectionsfor whole grains, protein and dairy, vegetables and fruit and even  a little section to hold dips or yogurt too. 
The divided sections in the Bento Box allow for portion control to help for a childto have a well balanced diet.

Each Bento Box  also comes with a sheet that gives parents  ideas on how to pack a good bento box lunch.

Another great feature is the  silicone seal inside the Bento Box lid to help prevent leaks.
Both my child and I love this Bento Box! 

You can find it on the stuckonyou web site.

If you are looking for durable, stylish and functional back to school lunch products for your child I’d highly recommend this Bento Box and Cooler Bag from Stuck on You!  

I was sent product for my honest review.
All opinions are mine 100%

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Pleased to meet products

So this is for all the people that love paper products or ceramics, or unique gifts.
Well there's a brand that is from Germany that has some unique gifts.
Like greeting cards and keepsake boxes.
To pencils and notebooks. I love to write and make up checklist to keep me organized. So i love the pencils and notebook.
Well i got to check out two of the products from the company one is a six count of pencils.
And the other is a small travel to-do notebook.
The quality is great, it is nice designed.
From the package of the pencil box.
To the cover of the book.
I like unique products because you can have something special.
The pencils are grey in color.
And they come sharpened so once you get to the product you can start using the product.
The pencil set makes a nice gift to anyone who Love's to write.
Even the to-do notebook makes a nice gift.

 I love the product's there great love the design and they also ship to the us since this company is from Germany.

So i recommend the product's to all the people that love to write and who are looking for unique products.
So you can find more product's from the website.
They have many other cool product's so i highly you go check out the site.
So go check it out here Pleased to meet
So go check it out.

This is my opinions all 100% 
I was sent products for my honest opinion.
All is my own.