Thursday, March 18, 2021

Lono Wear

 So sometimes finding a shoe that fits and that's also comfortable to wear. 

Because when you don't have the support in your shoes can make you have pain or be uncomfortable when walking.

Well, Lono Wear has got you covered with breathable sneakers that you don't need socks. What makes them unique is the insole has a sock on it so that's what makes wearing it sockless. And when it gets dirty you remove it and throw it in the wash. There are many colors so there's something for everyone.

 As you can see there made us'll I walked in a snow shower where it was snowing mixed with rain they held up nicely. The bottom of the sneakers is thick that gives you support so it makes walking comfortable. 

The back of the sneakers has a cushion type that supports the back of your feet so you don't get blisters it's like having pillows in your sneakers it was thought out nicely because I know me and everyone doesn't like getting blisters when wearing new sneakers.

 As you can see the insoles have the sock on them So you don't have to wear socks with the shoe.
And you can also see the cushion that protects the back of the foot so it's like walking with a pillow on your feet.

They are comfortable walking in and give enough support because we need our feet to get around.

You can check it out on Lono wear website. 

All opinions are my own honest opinion I was sent product for review purpose.

Friday, March 5, 2021

Foodie kid

 So as Parents or anyone with kids at home some times they can be picky eaters and or they don’t like the baby  foods, 

There’s a company that is changing that there Called 

Foodie Kids there packages of cubed veggies so you can make your baby food, but as a child comes to eat solid foods you don’t need to purée it they can eat it the way it is.

They did the job for you by preparing it and all you need to do is heat it steam it for solids and or purée it for baby food.

There are three packages with root veggies and one with lentils and veggie packs and one veggie pack there are lentils sweet potatoes zucchini and peas and all delicious veggies even though it’s for children since it is only veggies adults can eat it too. 

As you can see they come in one big package that is then broken into four smaller packs so it is portioned for you.

So there's a better option to give your children when it comes to baby food because as you can see it's regular veggies that you can make into a puree and your own can't food and you know what's inside the foods.
You can get some on Foodie Kid website and shop for them and learn about their story and how the company was started..

As they get older you can serve it as is after you prepare it so it's helpful to have the veggies already cut for you so you only need to cook it.

All my opinions are my own I was sent the product for review. 

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Pink Panda Candy

 I love Candy but sometimes Candy having a lot of sugar isn't good for you. 

Well, Pink Panda solves it with their Gummy candy there are three different kinds Gummy bears, Astro Blasters, and Treasure Chews. 

What makes it better is it has 2-3 grams of sugar 

The Astro Blasters and Treasure Chews are also 100% vegan and are dairy-free. 

They taste good and come in colorful packaging also.

What's nice is each variety comes in a different color package so it's easy to find what you want and know which is which. There colorful treats and there are different shapes. 

So the pink package is the Treasure Chews there in  different shapes of jewels and each in a different flavor like Blue Raspberry   and Green Apple and Orange and Lemon and Cherry.

 Here's the yellow package which is the Astro Blasters they have the same flavors as the pink package but what makes this one a A little different is the Astro Blasters are on the sour side so you can a little of sweet and little bit of sour. There's no wrong choice.

So you can see the difference in the texture one is a smooth one and one is on the rough texture because one is sweet and one is on the sour side. 
There's something for every one. 
They both come in 6, 12, 18 packs so more to share and enjoy. You can get yours on Pink Panda Candy website and get your packs and enjoy with everyone. 

I was sent the product for review all are my own opinions. 



Sunday, January 3, 2021

Vena CBD Chocolates

 Vena is a Vessel that carries blood to the heart, 

CBD is a thing that’s been taking up a storm they come in liquids and pill form and even added to products like 


Vena is the Brainchild of Tamra Judge and her husband Eddie. There on the show Real Housewives of Orange County.

They started because of Eddie when he got sick with a heart condition, 

So there are many products in the Vena line from chocolates to drops and more. I have tried two of the Three flavor chocolates there’s Milk Chocolate with Toffee Crumbles and there are Decadent Dark Chocolate and Dark Chocolate peppermint.

So the two Flavors I tried were the Milk Chocolate with toffee Crumbles and the Decadent Dark Chocolate. They have a great taste and each square of chocolate contains 25mg of CBD in the square, you have one as needed.  

Each piece of chocolate is individually wrapped and in a different color so you know which flavor it is and wants. Vena's CBD chocolates are made from clean, non-GMO ingredients.

You can check out more and purchase a bag your self at VenaCBD Website and find everything you need. It makes a great gift for the chocolate lover in your life. 

All my opinions are my own I was sent product for review .

Monday, December 14, 2020

Miss PattyCake Bundle

This post isn't Sponsored I was sent product for review all my opinions are my own.

So we try and teach the kids to do the right thing in life we try and mold them to be the best they can be.

Kids see things and they want to do what everyone’s doing and we want what’s best for them there’s a way to let them learn and have fun doing it, it’s Called Miss PattyCake Christmas Bundle it comes with a book and activities book a and DVD. 

The kids can listen to music while doing activities in the book. 

It makes a great gift. 

It's nice that the kids can learn without it being thrown at them it's made for kids and for them to understand.

It makes for a fun family activity where everyone can enjoy.

You can find the bundle on the website where you can purchase it for your family Miss Pattycake Christmas Bundle

There are fun activities for the kids to do.

I was sent product for review all my opinions are my own. 

Monday, November 2, 2020

Three Tributes from musicians and brothers James and Robert Freeman

We all love our parents and would do anything for them well two brothers did just that they got some top composers to help make a CD with Booklet for their parents. 

As you can see in the booklet is photos of the family that you feel like you looking at their photo album. 
It's nice to look back on. It makes a great gift 

The CD features award-winning composers Kevin Puts, Andrea Clearfield, and Gunther Schuller, along with a host of world-class performers,

It's nice to listen to Chamber orchestra music. 
You can purchase a copy of Three Tributes
Online and you get to enjoy some beautiful music.
I Was sent a copy for review 
All are my own opinion. 

Monday, October 5, 2020

Six Feet Away

So with times were dealing with safety comes our biggest priority, a Portland, Oregon based company has come out with accessories that will help with that.

There are called Six Feet Away they have what you need like Silicone bracelets and face masks and even hand sanitizer holders that come with a reusable clear bottle you can add your hand sanitizer in it.

The mask is soft and comfortable to wear, and the sanitizer holders come in different colors and can be clipped on to keys and backpacks to carry along with you.

So the face mask is reusable and it's soft and it displays the words Six Feet Away because social Distance is what we need to do right now to keep safe. And in the back of the mask is a pocket that you can add a filter to it or you can use it as a stash pocket to carry cash if you don't have pockets.

The hand sanitizer holders come in different colors there made of leather and come with a key ring and clip to clip it on bags and other things. It also comes with a clear empty bottle to add your own hand sanitizer. It's nice to be able to reuse and since the bottle fits perfectly in the holder.

You can find the products Face mask and Hand sanitizer holders    Silicone bracelet  on there website and can find other item like a tote bag. 

I was sent products for review all is my own 
Opinions and 100 my own.