Monday, March 30, 2015

Komax review

So I got to do a review on some containers we all can use in the kitchen. One of the products received was an ice cube tray I got to say I loved it it makes lots of ice cubes and that it has a lid on it from not spilling any water all over the place it's air tight and doesn't leak any water out its convenience helps when making ice cubes it makes a lot there very sturdy containers there heavy duty there not cheaply. Made. The next container I got was a sandwhich. Container it has compartments in it that are removable. Its easy to clean and take care of it is very portable to take with you on a trip or to take with you to work. The final products I got was a cereal container its a heavy duty and sturdy containers for cereal or anything you wanna put inside these products are for everyday use I love them.

I was given products from komax for a review all is my own opinion.

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