Monday, April 6, 2015

Nyiswild Bronx zoo

   To celebrate the 120th anniversary of the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), a city-wide campaign called #NYisWild is turning our concrete jungle into a summer-long photo safari

·         New Yorkers can participate by choosing from 120 “wild” attractions around the city and capturing a photo of each for a chance to win irresistible prizes

·         There are several prize levels available, including a special Grand Prize. Entry to win these prizes increases for hitting certain milestones (ex: Escape for 2 to Belize for completing 10/120 or Whale Watching Tour for 4 With WCS Scientists for completing 50/120).

·         From April to August participants can capture each attraction using Instagram or Twitter with #NYisWild and also hashtagging the number of the clue (ex: #NYisWild, #84)

·         Keep track of all progress on by logging in via an Instagram or Twitter account
So go head to the Bronx zoo and have a good time theres a giveaway going on and you can win prizes. So get to capturing all there is to see so this is to make a great summer of 2015.

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