Sunday, January 7, 2018

Magnet pal

So we all have misplaced items like keys, or drop nails on the floor and can’t pick them up.
Well there is a product to help with that problem it is called Magnet Pal it is a powerful magnet that will help you find items and help pick them up and also keep certain items in one place.
Since it won’t move very easy,

So the magnet comes in many colors which is cool because you can color coordinate to certain items. Like green for keys, yellow for picking up nails. It is also able to help you locate the studs in your wall so there’s no mess up.
It can be carried in your purse and or put on any surface that a magnet can stay on.

As you can see The grabber with a magnet pal attached was able to help me clean up staples that fell on the floor since I have a hard time bending down, the powerful magnet was able to find them and pick them up. It saved me a lot of time and back issues since I didn’t have to bend down due the grabber extending out.

I love the fact it works and does an awesome job and I can carry it anywhere.
You can find it on Magnet Pal website where you can find more information and purchase your very own.

I was sent product for review
All is my own honest opinions 

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