Monday, June 1, 2015

hayashi review

Have you ever decided to style your hair and use heat on it well as you know it does damage to the hair and you don't want that you want nice and healthy hair. I found a product that helps you protect your hair from the heat the product line is called hayashi line it works wonders as you can see in the pictures I use it everytime I take a shower and was my hair I use a straightner on my hair so I'm causing heat damage this product smells good and its not over powering strong smell to it it works like it said it would. the staff is wonderful to work with.
You can find them here hayashi 
This product was sent to me for review all my own is my own opinion.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Anjolee jewelery review

Have you ever wanted to customize a piece of jewelry. Well I found a site that let's you do the exact thing first you go to the site and pick out a piece of jewelry that you want to customize.
Then you pick the chain or band or earrings you want to make and pick the metal type you want they have it all from gold to silver. Then you pick the stone for it they have different they have all shapes and sizes then you pick the size of your fitting to make sure it fits. I got to make a piece myself it was so nice to work with them there there to make your expectations worth your time I picked a silver band with my mothers and sister birthstone in the middle there birthdays is in November so I got citrine stone in the middle and I got the high quality cubic zirconia stone on the sides it comes packaged in a nice wooden box and it shows how well they make there customers happy.
Check out there diamond earrings
This is sponsored for review by anjolee jeweler all my opinions are my own.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Purex scent splash review

You ever use crystals for your laundry and sometimes it gets all over well now there's liquid scent splash a product that boost your clothes color and fabrics it smells so good I love the one I got its lavender one its not over powering like lavender can be it worked on my clothes very well I loved it it works very well I recommend it to all my friends and family to use.
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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Wild blueberries

I got to do a review on some wild frozen blueberries they tasted so good and I love them I was able to get blueberries and vanilla ice cream to make a blueberry smoothie so you need
1cup of blueberries
1 cup of vanilla ice cream
1/2 cup of non fat milk
And other fruits
So you add the blueberries in first in the blender then add vanilla ice cream and the non fat milk if you desire you can add other fruits then you blend everything together until desired thickness.
And pour into cup and enjoy.
I love blueberry's and the taste of it I can't wait to see what else I can make with blueberries.
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Ergo baby carrier

I got to do a review on an item every mother should own its an ergo baby carrier it works wonders it supports the baby with the infant insert then when the baby gets into toddler stage you remove the insert. It comes in many styles and colors and more its made from durable fabric and it holds very well its machine washable and it holds up very well I love it ergo is a very good brand of baby products to buy they last very long and they also make the customers happy they work to make sure everything is going right for there customer.
I recommend this carrier to everyone who is looking for a carrier for there child.

Its a great investment for all baby products.
This item was provided by toysrus all my opinion is my own.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Nyiswild Bronx zoo

   To celebrate the 120th anniversary of the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), a city-wide campaign called #NYisWild is turning our concrete jungle into a summer-long photo safari

·         New Yorkers can participate by choosing from 120 “wild” attractions around the city and capturing a photo of each for a chance to win irresistible prizes

·         There are several prize levels available, including a special Grand Prize. Entry to win these prizes increases for hitting certain milestones (ex: Escape for 2 to Belize for completing 10/120 or Whale Watching Tour for 4 With WCS Scientists for completing 50/120).

·         From April to August participants can capture each attraction using Instagram or Twitter with #NYisWild and also hashtagging the number of the clue (ex: #NYisWild, #84)

·         Keep track of all progress on by logging in via an Instagram or Twitter account
So go head to the Bronx zoo and have a good time theres a giveaway going on and you can win prizes. So get to capturing all there is to see so this is to make a great summer of 2015.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Komax review

So I got to do a review on some containers we all can use in the kitchen. One of the products received was an ice cube tray I got to say I loved it it makes lots of ice cubes and that it has a lid on it from not spilling any water all over the place it's air tight and doesn't leak any water out its convenience helps when making ice cubes it makes a lot there very sturdy containers there heavy duty there not cheaply. Made. The next container I got was a sandwhich. Container it has compartments in it that are removable. Its easy to clean and take care of it is very portable to take with you on a trip or to take with you to work. The final products I got was a cereal container its a heavy duty and sturdy containers for cereal or anything you wanna put inside these products are for everyday use I love them.

I was given products from komax for a review all is my own opinion.